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Fall and Winter Events at the Peter Wentz Farmstead

Join us for a winter history lecture series – a great opportunity to delve deeper into Pennsylvania history and learn something new! Lectures will be held at Norristown Farm Park on the second Saturday in January, February, and March at 2:00pm.

Ages 12 and up; Free.

Saturday, January 13th at 2:00PM - History of Pennsylvania to 1800

Pennsylvania has a long and rich history. Join a County staff member to learn about Pennsylvania’s history to 1800, including Native American history, the establishment of the colony, events in the colonial era, Pennsylvania’s involvement in the Revolutionary War, and the state’s influence after the U.S. gained independence. An interesting and educational presentation about our great state.

Saturday, February 10th at 2:00PM - Slavery in Pennsylvania

Honor Black History Month with a lecture on the history of the institution of slavery in Pennsylvania. The first enslaved individuals arrived in the territory prior to Pennsylvania’s founding as a colony and soon-there-after abolitionists began to speak out. Explore the life of Pennsylvania’s enslaved, the passing of the Gradual Abolition Act of 1780 and its results, as well as civil rights issues in the decades before the Civil War. End with a discussion about the legacy of abolition in Pennsylvania.

Saturday, March 9th at 2:00PM - Life in 18th Century Pennsylvania

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Colonial America? Well, now is your chance to find out! This presentation explores various facets of life in eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, including social classes, the lives of women and children, fashions and dress, religion, cooking and food, and other topics. It includes historical diagrams, images, and portraits for visual representation. The presentation is also accompanied with a “traveling trunk” of reproduced eighteenth-century articles of clothing and food utensils, for you to see and hold.

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