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Come check out the historic planes that perform the Skippack Parades 4th of July Flyover every year.

Click here to visit Vansant Historic Airfield’s website.

Yes my friends, you are all welcome to see what we believe is the greatest airfield on this planet. For over 50 years this piece of aviation earth has had a character and charisma all its own. It is a land of history embedded in its name alone, along with all sorts of antiques about to back up its stories. There is so much to see and do at this exciting “Airfield-Park”, called Van Sant, that you just have to come and experience a day in paradise for yourself.

Our job is to educate, provide entertainment, restore, maintain, fly and have fun while staying safe and conservative. With respect and a focus on happiness, our success will follow with the help of you, our friends, neighbors and fellow aviators.