Keeping in mind that just because it’s called “wallpaper” doesn’t mean that the paper you choose has to go on your walls. While surrounding a room with any of the designs you find is a great way to add spice to your home, consider some newer papering techniques:
1.) Add an accent wall to a room by selecting a small swatch of paper, and applying it to one wall. Then paint the surrounding walls in a complementary, or contrasting, color. This works especially well with designs that were meant to catch the eye.
2.) Look up towards your ceiling, and think about adding some paper to an area surrounding any light fixture.
3.)Wrap a bit of your favorite paper around a decorative column. You’d be surprised at the way that some simple paper really makes columns stand out.
The best part about all of these techniques is that purchasing a small amount of designer wallpaper is not as expensive as buying enough paper for all of your walls. Yet, you’ll still be able to express your love for great wallpaper designs.
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